Multi-tenancy with Searchkick

In this post I’m covering how I used searchkick and the apartment gems to get a powerful search feature for all the tenants in my Rails 4 app.

Good practices in writing Spree extensions

This post is about writing extensions for Spree commerce, a “complete open source e-commerce solution for Ruby on Rails”. For those who don’t know what Spree is about, check out their official website or repository.

Managing Assets Outside Frameworks (Introducing Comffee)

If you want to manage assets outside a framework, check out Comffee: a GulpJS/GruntJS project that allows you to manage your assets using Sass, CoffeeScript and Bootstrap.

Sublime Text - My Personal Choices of Packages

This post is based on the TutsPlus Article: Simple Visual Enhancements for Better Coding in Sublime Text, but in this article I’m going to narrow the subject to Sublime Text Packages.

Gem Collection - Starting a Ruby or Rails Application

Creating a project from scratch always require remembering about which Gems and what usefulness they had on your past projects. If you need to use some library for a specific problem that fits in a category, use Ruby-Toolbox categories.