Sublime Text - My Personal Choices of Packages

This post is based on the TutsPlus Article: Simple Visual Enhancements for Better Coding in Sublime Text, but in this article I’m going to narrow the subject to Sublime Text Packages.

Gem Collection - Starting a Ruby or Rails Application

Creating a project from scratch always require remembering about which Gems and what usefulness they had on your past projects. If you need to use some library for a specific problem that fits in a category, use Ruby-Toolbox categories.

Editor war - The bloodshed behind productivity

Be happy with the code editor you use in a daily basis, and remember: don’t be close-minded. Try learning new techniques.

How To - Compiling assets locally with Capistrano

Check the gist at the end of the post for the Capistrano task that compile Rails assets locally and upload them to your server.

Keeping my website (and blog) alive

In the middle of 2012, I really felt the necessity of having a personal website, where I could write about my dev stuff or publish things that seemed interesting to me. So I created one quick and dirty Wordpress Blog (Yikes!), wrote a few lines of CSS and everything was ready to go.