Google Tag Manager Organization Tips

Everybody loves data. Analyzing data allows you to understand what’s going around with your application/business, it being performance (Skylight, NewRelic), user experience (Hotjar) or marketing purposes (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager).

Introducing Pickpocket - Randomly pick an article from your Pocket

I’ve just published a gem called pick-pocket, which helps you empty your Pocket library by selecting a random article from your library.

Ruby 2.3 dig Method - Thoughts and Examples

Since Ruby 2.3 launched its new Hash#dig and Array#dig feature, it got my attention on how it would help “digging” unreliable objects. This incredible method makes you safely navigate through nested objects when dealing with third party APIs.

Ruby Superclass Mismatch, Structs and Unicorn

Recently, I have found an Unicorn deployment bug that raised my attention on how Ruby’s native Struct object is implemented and how different is using its declaration APIs.

JS Safe Navigation - Benchmark

I started this year thinking on Ruby’s 2.3.0 safe navigation operator and how interesting it is to finally get the Elvis operator on Ruby.